When the cold wind strikes, in the gloomy and cold winter, what could be more happier and warmer than hot pot 🍲? The hot pot artifact I bought before released all my skills in obscurity, and when I caught up with the Yami discount, I immediately bought a new one. A little bigger and deeper than the previous pot. No weird smell. very useful. A must for a hot pot lover. I'm going to call Xiabuxiabu's matsutake hot pot base, which is very delicious. I've eaten all brands, and this one deserves the first place. Of course, the spicy part occasionally changes, but when I don't know what to eat, I still choose Liupo. Well, let's not talk about it, it's getting late, and my hot pot is going to be eaten. May everyone have a warm winter☀️☀️☀️
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寒风来袭,在阴阴冷冷的灰暗冬日里,有什么比火锅🍲更加幸福温暖的呢? 之前买的火锅神器就那么默默无闻的释放了所有的功力,赶上亚米打折,我立马入了一款新的。比之前的锅要更大更深一些。没有怪味。很好用。对于一个火锅爱好者,必不可少。 我要给呷哺呷哺的松茸火锅底料打call特别好吃,吃过各个牌子的,这个当之无愧第一名。当然麻辣的部分偶尔变心,但是不知道吃什么的时候还是会选择六婆。 好了不说了,天色渐晚,我的火锅也要开吃啦。 愿大家都有一个温暖的冬天☀️☀️☀️