🦄Purple Sparkling 💜 🔮I'm a little obsessed with the eyeshadow of colourpop recently. I flipped through it today and saw that the color of ripple is so beautiful! But never used it! 🔮Use ripple to smudge the entire eye socket, and then revolution draw the end of the eye. The drawing method is basically the same as I used dgaf in the last article. Mashed potatoes need to be colored best with your fingers, so after blending them with a brush, gently apply a little ripple in the eyes with your ring finger. I also used a diamond highlighter on the corners of my eyes, it's so pretty 😆 🔮I also painted a purple glittery nail polish today💅🏻, echoing the theme~
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🦄紫闪闪💜 🔮最近有点迷上colourpop的眼影了,今天翻了翻,看到ripple这个颜色好漂亮!但还从来没用过! 🔮用ripple晕染整个眼窝,然后revolution画眼尾。画法基本和我上篇用dgaf的相同。土豆泥需要用手指头上色最好,所以用刷子晕染开之后,再用无名指轻轻的上一点ripple在眼中。我还用钻石高光上在了眼角那,超好看😆 🔮今天也涂画了一个紫闪闪的指甲油💅🏻,呼应一下主题~