There is no New Year's atmosphere in the United States, so I fell in love with Christmas. This is the fourth year of decorating my own Christmas tree, and the technology improves every year. It is recommended that you wear sleeve decorations, otherwise you will get bloody hands like me. Mulled wine and stump cake are also standard items every year. Friends who want to do it can go to station B and search for whatsfordinner888 on YouTube. Tranquility before the Christmas dinner was lazy, put on my favorite green pill, and finished the last packet of snail noodles. Happy holidays everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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美帝没有啥过年的气氛,所以爱上了圣诞。这是自己装点圣诞树的第四年,技术每年都有进步。建议大家戴上袖套装饰,不然就会像我一样刮得满手血淋淋的。热红酒和树桩蛋糕也是每年的标配。想要做法的朋友可以去B站,YouTube搜whatsfordinner888。圣诞大餐前的宁静偷个懒,敷个最爱的绿药丸,吃完最后一包螺蛳粉。祝大家节日快乐!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!