❣ Beautiful and practical ❣ Travel is indispensable 🏝

Today I will share with you a shoe bag for travel storage. This bag is made of polyester. 90%, polyurethane 10%material, bundle The mouth storage is easy to use by extending and pulling, and it is small in size and does not take up space. The shoe bag can store two pairs of shoes, which can easily store shoes and clean clothes separately. 🧺

My favorite high-heeled shoes are exquisite and elegant printed patterns, black is easy to use and stain-resistant, and they are not afraid of opening and smelling in the suitcase! 🦠

ThisIvanka TrumpThe high heels were purchased online at Macy, and I had a chance to wear them after a refund, only to find that they didn't fit a bit squeezed , it's been hard to wear for two hours, but I really like these shoes, the style is very easy to match. 👠

Band-Aid Heel balm is available in< span class="s1">Amazon Bought it, because I used to wear high heels for a long time to work, and my heels were often worn by the shoes. 🥺

Apply three to five layers on the back heel before going out. You must wait for a while before putting on your shoes. There will be protection. It is very suitable for girls who just bought new shoes. I understand the pain of wearing shoes with wounds very well! 👑

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❣美观实用❣出门旅游不可缺少 🏝

今天与大家分享旅行收纳用鞋袋,这款袋子里面用的是聚酯 90%、聚胺酯 10%材料,束口收纳一伸一拉方便使用,体积小不占空间,鞋袋可收纳鞋子两双,可以轻松将鞋子与干净衣物分开收纳。🧺


Ivanka Trump高跟鞋是在Macy网上购买的,过了退款我才有机会穿上,才发现不合脚有点挤,穿两小时已经感到很辛苦,可是我真的很喜欢这双鞋子,这种风格很易配搭。👠

Band-Aid 脚跟防磨膏是在Amazon 买的,因为之前长时间需要穿高跟鞋工作,常常被鞋子磨伤脚跟。🥺