🌟 Very good Haba beauty squalane oil! 🌟The 30ml one costs $32, and this one is 15ml, which is also worth around $16! 🌟Colorless, odorless and additive-free, natural and safe, it can also be used during pregnancy! 🌟 Can be used to wipe face, hands, body and hair, wherever it is dry, wipe it! 🌟To be honest, the moisturizing effect is really good, and it does not feel greasy when used on combination skin! Super recommend 👍
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yami_featured_image 🌟非常好用的Haba美容角鲨烷油! 🌟30ml的要卖$32刀,这个是15ml的,也要值$16刀左右啦! 🌟无色无味无添加主义,天然安全,孕期也能使用! 🌟可以用来擦脸擦手擦身体擦头发,反正哪里干燥擦哪里! 🌟说实话,保湿效果真心不错,混油皮使用也不觉得油腻!超级推荐👍