Bought a lot. Not one by one. Kiss me's mascara is okay. Not as exaggerated as it is said. Just better than normal. More brushing will still have fly legs. I always feel that Kiss Me's primer mascara is better than it. As for concealer and skinny shadows. Maybe it's because of my handicap. Nothing amazing. Just ordinary. And both are so small. Only Xia Sang Ju granules in this box are wirelessly repurchased.
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买了很多。就不一一列了。kiss me的睫毛膏还可以。没有各种说的那么夸张。就是比普通好一点。多刷还是会有苍蝇腿。总觉得kiss me的打底睫毛膏还比它好用。至于遮瑕膏和骨感阴影。可能是我手残党的缘故。并没有什么惊艳。就是普通啊。而且两个都好小。这箱子只有夏桑菊冲剂是无线回购的。