In the new year, buy Yami too! Every time I have to praise the Meidong warehouse for three days to arrive properly✌🏼 This time, I bought less snacks because I bought a small rice cooker But it's also delicious! The happiest thing is to learn to eat snacks or something! Crazy confession Yami! 🔒 Hope to see more and better snacks at Yami
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新的一年也要买亚米! 每次都要夸奖美东仓库 三天到妥妥的✌🏼 这回因为买了个小电饭锅所以少买了点零食 不过也都好好吃!边学习变吃零食什么的最幸福了! 疯狂表白亚米!🔒 希望有更多更好的零食可以在亚米看到