🌟 I have seen a lot of fairies drying up Shiseido's scheming powder before, and I planted grass for my old aunt. 🌟 This time, the North American Money Saving Express has a spike, 14,999 gold coins can be exchanged for dual-core (previously, the dual-core cost 20,000 gold coins, and the single-core cost 14,000 gold coins). 🌟 It’s so much cost-effective, I couldn’t help but change another one! 🌟 Japan direct mail is very fast, received in less than 10 days. 🌟 Get it, it's really amazing! Simply beautiful! No wonder so many people like it! 🌟It can not only set makeup and control oil, but also can be used as sleep maintenance! 🌟 I haven't used it yet, but the scent is very comfortable, I hope it works well 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
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yami_featured_image 🌟以前就看过好多仙女晒过资生堂心机蜜粉,老阿姨我就种草了。 🌟这次北美省钱快报来了个秒杀,14999金币就能换双芯(之前双芯要20000金币,单芯的要14000金币)。 🌟划算这么多,老阿姨我都没忍住换了一个! 🌟日本直邮速度很快,10天不到就收到了。 🌟拿到手,果然很惊艳啊!简直美呆了!难怪这么多人喜欢! 🌟不仅可以定妆控油,还可以当作睡眠保养使用! 🌟目前还没使用,不过闻起来的香味很舒服,希望好用🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗