Happy fat house holiday unpacking 🐽

Happy Fat House's holiday life starts from Yami's unpacking~

A lot of the things I bought this time are unlimited repurchases! 🛒 🛍 I'm almost finished eating before I post the order~

For example, Daliyuan's buns, you must buy when you place an order. Sometimes when you go out and don't have time to make breakfast, you will take two buns and put them in your bag to eat on the road~ 🍞

And Master Kong oolong tea is bought almost every time I place an order, I just like the taste of this tea, it is not too sweet~🍵

I bought the yam flakes with the mentality of trying it on the new shelves before. The result was unexpectedly very delicious. The portion in a pack is quite large. don't come down! 🥔

Singapore Super 3-in-1 Milk Tea is recommended by real name! ! I have drank many brands of instant milk tea, but I feel that the taste is relatively weak. If you want to make it stronger, you need to add two packets of powder to make a cup~ This taste is much stronger, and the tea taste is stronger than other brands. I like this taste very much!

🛎 The above are the recommended products repurchased by Wannian!

This Crayon Shinchan cookie was occasionally bought before🍪The cookie is not very It's delicious, but I have a childhood feeling to buy it~ There will be a small card in each box, and I have always kept it! Biscuits are ordinary chocolate-flavored biscuits, slightly sweeter

I have tried another brand of Guilin rice noodles before and thought it was okay, but I bought this to try without replenishment. The taste is not bad, it is definitely the same as the authentic Guilin rice noodles There is no way to compare...I think the amount of rice noodles is not enough, so I bought another pack of rice noodles and added some Go in and cook together🍜

This octopus ball has a sweet taste. When you open it, you can smell a lot of octopus balls! It's a bit similar to cabbage Taro's seaweed corn balls, but the corn balls have a salty taste~ I prefer corn balls, but Yami has been off the shelf for a long time and has not been replenished, and I hope it will be back on the shelves~🌽

It is recommended to eat well and then complain! The tumbler bibimbap in the picture is one of them....The amount of rice is small and there are few side dishes, and I also feel the taste. So-so, not cheap! I'd better go to the Korean restaurant to eat fresh bibimbap.🌚

There are also Sanxian Yi noodles, many people say that it is delicious, the taste of childhood....emmmmMaybe I didn't eat it when I was a kid. I think it's really not delicious. The taste is indescribable. It's better than the first one.

📣📣📣The above are the recommendations and complaints about this issue! ! ! Thanks for watching~

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这次买的东西很多都是无限回购的!🛒 🛍差不多快吃完才来晒单哒~





🛎 以上是万年回购的推荐产品!