The orange ones with red hats were sold out, so I bought the yellow ones. No matter which color box they have, they are delicious😋, The base of Haidilao hot pot is the delicious tomato pot when I came back to eat Haidilao Zeng Mixed Noodles is the first time I buy it, try it first, and then repurchase Supplementary feedback: Zeng noodles with sesame and pepper oil are delicious. The wide noodles are particularly strong. Unlimited repurchase If you are dry in winter, use this cheap coix seed lotion on your face to apply a large amount and not feel bad
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红帽子橙色的卖光了于是买了黄色的,他家不论哪个颜色的盒子都很好吃😋, 海底捞火锅底料是回国吃海底捞的时候发现番茄锅的好吃 曾拌面是第一次买先试试好吃的话再回购 补反馈 曾拌面麻椒油香那个好吃是宽面特别劲道 料包口味也好 可以加焯水的生菜或小油菜一起拌 已无限回购 冬季干燥用这个平价薏仁化妆水敷脸刚好量大也不心疼