#New Year's refusal to take out food to cook and eat healthy🍝Check in on the sixth day# Today's lunch 🍱 is not my focus 🌚 It's a serious matter to come to post a list, hahaha! Just received the package 📦 n0 to share! This oatmeal rice has been recommended before and it is really delicious! It tastes QQ and can be cooked with other polished rice and coarse grains! 🤤 The last time I bought it before I finished eating it, I immediately placed another order, which shows how much I like it! And to praise Yami by real name is really excellent! Some time ago, I saw Xiao 🍠 being planted with Meixin egg rolls! Hahaha when you open Yami, can you not buy it? Can not! 🙅🏻‍♀️ I bought four flavors, of course, I have to taste each one so I don't regret it! I like matcha 🍵 and coconut 🥥 flavors the most! 🤤 Matcha flavor 🍵 sweet and slightly bitter feeling is the most wonderful~ Coconut fragrance🥥The fragrance is not sweet at all~ The original 🥛 milk fragrance is very strong, the egg roll is very thick and layered~ Chocolate 🍫 Because I don't like chocolate, I don't give a review~ Maxim's egg rolls are really crispy but not that completely crispy and a little soft And the milky fragrance is very good. It is not a problem to finish two packs in seconds 🤣 And the texture of the packaging is also very delicate. It is a good choice to eat and give away! Before it's out of stock🔥Add it to your cart 🛒! 😆 An Muxi yogurt must be bought as long as it is in stock, I hope Yami can buy unlimited 🤫 When I first started drinking it, I thought it was very ordinary and I fell in love with it unknowingly 😂 Every time I pour it out and eat it with Calbee cereal! My breakfast 🥣 must-have! ! Although it is high in calories, it is delicious! 🌚
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#新年拒绝外卖自己做饭吃得健康🍝打卡第六天# 今天来晒便当🍱不是我的重点🌚 来晒单才是正经事哈哈哈哈! 热呼呼的刚收到包裹📦马不停蹄来分享! 这个燕麦米之前就推荐过真的真的很好吃! 它口感QQ的和其他精米粗粮一起煮都百搭!🤤 上回买的还没吃完立马又下单了说明我有多喜欢! 还有要实名表扬Yami真的很优秀啊! 前段时间看小🍠被种草了美心蛋卷! 哈哈哈翻开Yami果然就有了不买可以吗?不可以!🙅🏻‍♀️ 我买的是四种口味的当然要每一种都尝过才不遗憾! 我最喜欢抹茶🍵和椰香🥥口味的!🤤 抹茶味🍵甜后微苦的感觉最美妙~ 椰香味🥥清香也一点都不觉得甜腻~ 原味的🥛奶香味很浓郁蛋卷很厚有层次~ 巧克力🍫因为本身就不喜欢巧克力所以不给予评价~ 美心蛋卷真的很酥脆但不是那种完全的酥带点软 而且奶香味很足瞬间秒完两包不是问题🤣 而且包装的质感也很精致自己吃送人都是很好的选择! 趁它还没有断货🔥快把它加入购物车🛒吧!😆 安慕希酸奶只要有货就一定要买希望Yami可以不限购🤫 刚开始喝的时候觉得很一般不知不觉的就喜欢上了😂 每次都会把它倒出来然后搭配卡乐比麦片一起吃! 我的早餐🥣必备!!虽然热量很高可是好吃啊!🌚