stand at attention - rest - salute all look forward Another box of snacks The mood to receive the package is always beautiful! Most are repurchased products, and a small percentage are wanting to try something new! Responding to Yamida's call, the midnight snack is in motion! Later, we will update and explain those products that have not been eaten before, but are now bought and tried!
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立正-稍息-敬礼 全部向前看 又一箱零食来袭 收到包裹的心情总是美美的! 大部分是回购的产品,一小部分是想尝试点新的东西! 响应亚米大大的号召,零时宵夜动起来! 后面会陆续更新解说那些之前没吃过,现在买来试试的产品!