【New Year's Eyeshadow Test Day 5】 Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty's Warm BrownIt's my favorite plate, the color is earthy, practical, and the powder quality is also considered to be the best in this series.

The downside is that this palette doesn't have the eyeshadow name or serial number.

As I get older, I don't like to test the color on my eyes before removing my makeup, which consumes too much on the eyes. So let's do an arm test.

Say expired eyeliner can also be used like this 😄< span class="s2">The smudge that is suitable for the arm test color is not the same as that of the eye, so let's just make it.

Thanks for watching!

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【新年眼影试色打卡第5天】 Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Warm Brown是我最爱的一盘,颜色大地色,实用,粉质也算是这一系列比较好的了。



话说过期的眼线笔也可以这么用 😄手臂试色适合的晕染还是跟眼部不太一样的,大家凑合着看。