Friends, will you eat my Amway? Fried 螺蛳粉 You deserve it! Nice use of snails. Cook the rice noodles first, heat oil in the pot, put half of the soup packet and stir-fry until fragrant (it is recommended to turn on the medium heat, the fire will splash out), then put the fungus and beans, then put the rice noodles, and add some green vegetables (cut into small pieces) ), put chili oil and green onion at the end, done~ The fried 螺蛳粉 that I used to eat in the store seems to have a little meat, which is more expensive than the ordinary 螺蛳粉.
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朋友们吃我一发安利好吗!炒螺蛳粉你值得拥有! 用的好欢螺。米粉先煮八分熟,锅里热油,放一半汤料包炒香(建议开中火,大火会往外溅😂),然后木耳豆角什么的,再放米粉,还可以加一些青菜(切小段),最后放辣椒油和葱,完成~ 以前在店里吃的炒螺蛳粉好像会有一点肉,要比普通的螺蛳粉要贵一点,想吃肉的话可以先把肉丝/肉末炒香再加汤料,应该也好吃的😋