New Year's Day and New Year's Day Although I missed a few days, I still come to join in the fun~ It has snowed a lot in the small village in Meizhong recently. Went to whole foods to buy two new snacks Vegetable chips taste like the shrimp chips that my mother made when I was a kid Almonds are also sweet and crunchy 365's snacks are very recommended~
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新年尝新打卡第二天 虽然错过了好几天不过还是来凑个热闹啦~ 最近美中的小村子里下了很大的雪呢 去whole foods买了两种新的零食 蔬菜片很像小时候缠着妈妈做的虾片的味道 大杏仁也甜脆好吃 365的零食都很推荐~