Winter hot drink• Sweet and sour passion fruit kiwi fruit tea🥝

🔸Girls who are weak in winter are prone to cold hands and feet < span class="s3">So today I will share with you a super heart-warming winter hot drink! That is passion fruit Kiwi Fruit Tea This fruit tea is easy to make and easy to use It tastes good, too Both flavors are also liked by girls< /span>!

🔸Passion fruit kiwi fruit tea only needs kiwi fruit🥝➕ Passion FruitRock Candy➕< /span>Mineral water is ready! passion fruit out cut the kiwi into small cubes then Pour in mineral water Add a small amount of rock sugar and slowly heat it on the pot!Easier boil the mineral water in advance Pour directly into the prepared material! Finally, light a small candle at the bottom of the pot to keep warm This saves time and effort< /span>!(Strongly Amway2018This glass jug at the end of the yearAmazon It's so convenient to drink tea and water!)

🔸This fruit tea is simple and delicious The key is to satisfy cravings and girls who are very repulsive to hot and white water! This not only You can quit the habit of drinking iced drinks in winter It can also help your metabolism Beauty and Beauty💆🏻

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冬日热饮• 酸酸甜甜又暖心的百香果猕猴桃果茶🥝

🔸冬天体虚的女孩子容易手脚冰冷 所以今天来给大家分享一款超暖心的冬日热饮! 那就是百香果猕猴桃果茶 这款果茶制作简单好上手 味道也好喝 两个味道也都算是女孩子们都喜欢的!

🔸百香果猕猴桃果茶只需要猕猴桃🥝➕百香果冰糖矿泉水就可以完成啦! 百香果掏出 猕猴桃切成小丁 然后倒入矿泉水 再加入少量冰糖一起慢慢在壶上加热即可!更简单的就是 提前将矿泉水烧开 然后直接倒入准备好的材料里!最后再在壶底点上小蜡烛保温即可 这样更加省时省力!(强烈安利我2018年末在Amazon入的这个玻璃壶 喝茶泡水太方便了!)

🔸这款水果茶简单又好喝 关键是满足了嘴馋和对对热水白水很排斥的女孩子! 这样不仅可以戒掉冬天喝冰饮的习惯 也可以帮助自己新陈代谢 美容养颜💆🏻