Hair dye red list · foam hair dye

Foam hair dye for wedding coloring. It's very easy to use for the first time.

Pour the black bottle in the lower left corner of Figure 3 into the white bottle, Turn the bottle upside down five times to mix the hair dye. Install the pink foamer, and the foam extruded is super fine.

This is a burgundy red. I bleached my hair again before using it, as shown in Figure 4. The dyed color is very nice, a pinkish brown, but it is a bit non-mainstream. Further color grading (it was my husband who helped me adjust it❤️).

This hair dye is super gentle and uses only a small amount. Put a lot of hair dye and only used half of it. Because it is a foam, it is easy to spread evenly. 30mins on my hair without any discomfort, it feels like shampooing my hair, but it still smells bad Point, typical hair dye smell.

The disadvantage is that because it is in the form of foam or squeezed with a bottle, it is easy to drip everywhere when it is used, and it needs to be covered with newspaper or cleaned up after use.

will continue to buy other colors in the future, I love this one.

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把图三 左下角的黑色瓶子倒入白色瓶子中,把瓶子上下翻转五次混合染发剂。安装粉色的打沫器,挤出的泡沫超级细腻。