[Recommendation of cool and good things] Beautiful crying PAT lipstick Today, I recommend the three-piece mini lipstick set from PAT, which is really no mistake for anyone who is color-blind! With these three little ones, I want to get dressed in a minute. It's only $25 for these three little ones, because I didn't get the 20% discount, but! ! ! I exchanged 2500 points for a $100 gift card from Sephora. This is just one of the three lipsticks I bought. I bought these three small lipsticks without spending any money. Since then, I've become a PAT brain-disabled fan, and I've fallen into this pit! Let's talk about the color test evaluation feelings: The texture is very smooth, every color is very positive Not dry, not greasy Strong staying power, not easy to fade I also recommend all the lipsticks in the PAT family when climbing on the wall! Don't think too much, just one word: buy! ! !
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yami_featured_image 【凉凉好物推荐】美哭的PAT口红 今天推荐PAT家这mini口红三件套,它家真的是任何颜色盲买都不会出错!有了这三小只分分钟想入正装。这么三小只才$25,因为我不是八折期入的,但是!!!我拿2500积分兑换的丝芙兰$100礼卡,这只是我买的其中一样,相当于没花钱买到了这三只小口红,最后的试色(台灯下无滤镜试色)真心美哭了!从此我就是PAT脑残粉一枚了,这个坑我入了! 来谈谈试色测评感想: 质地非常的smooth,每个颜色都很正 不干不油不腻 持久力强,不易掉色 扶墙攀爬着也要推荐PAT家所有口红!不要多想,直接一个字:买!!!