To be worthy of my nickname, so I will post the list

Let's put a few big boxes of Yami at home, which have been eaten for several months. As a long-term spring hibernation, summer hibernation, autumn hibernation, and hibernation, food storage is very important.

Because there are too many things, I won't take them out one by one, but pick a few. I have been buying vegetarian steaks in Daohua Village for a long time, nothing else. The main thing is that it is tasty and chewy. Two refreshing flavorsQcool and dryOK, I personally like it. The spiciness is a little spicy. Especially, the pickled pepper taste is not very friendly to those who can't eat spicy food, but it is very fragrant. I love soy products. Wuxianzhai's five-spice vegetarian meat is my favorite. It tastes strong and five-flavored, but it is out of stock every time I search. I really want to eat it.

The Little Prince simply tastes delicious with the original kimchi flavor. It is very suitable for a pack of pad pads when you are hungry. It is salty and fragrant. The tumbler I made is egg and vegetable porridge. To be honest, I haven't tried it yet. I usually stock up on his abalone porridge, which tastes very comfortable. It is also very convenient to microwave, and if I want to eat something hot at night, I will choose this to throw a few dried tofu in and eat together. Black Tea Ji's milk tea has always been in my heart canned milk teaTOP, this taste is not strong. Those who like thick milk tea can skip it, but it is very refreshing. The ratio of milk, tea and sugar is very comfortable. Be sure to drink it on ice. Normal temperature will be normal. I was thirsty while swinging west. I opened a can and drank a bottle. SorryHHH

Happy snails, my personal opinion is snails fansTOP1. The smoothness of the powder and the thickness of the soup are both. Haohuan snails are quite tasty. You won't get tired after eating. Other brands are slightly inferior in the eyes of a heavy-handed person like me. SOLOI also bought a few packs of the crayfish snail powder, but I won't take pictures and talk about it before I taste it.

Xiaojiu keeps warm baby, always keep it at home. When it's cold and you don't want to wear too much, you can stick a piece, and the time to maintain the heat is stillOK.

Enzymes are just for fun.

Taishan Eight Treasures Porridge is very comfortable to eat with sweet ice. Personally, I was tired of this kind of innocence. It's good to try it, it's suitable for breakfast. Sweet and not too thick and refreshing.

Lanfangyuan milk tea seems to be off the shelves, but let’s focus on it. Its price is higher than that of similar milk teas, but I think Lanfangyuan is not bad. As a convenience packaged beverage, it can't have too high requirements, so the tea flavor and concentration are still enough. There is no problem. The taste is moderate and it is not bad among similar products. As a Hong Kong-style milk tea, it does taste very Hong Kong-style, and the tea taste is very strong, which is very suitable for refreshing in the morning.

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由于东西太多就不一一拿出来说了,挑了一些来讲。稻花村的素牛排我长期购入,没什么别的。主要是够味有嚼劲量也比较足。爽口佳的两款Q爽都干还OK,我个人挺喜欢的。辣度有一点点辣精感 特别是泡椒味对于不能吃辣的不太友好,但是很香。我很喜欢豆制品。五贤斋的五香素肉是最爱,口感劲道五香味十足但是每次搜都缺货。很想吃了。


好欢螺,我个人看法是螺狮粉TOP1。粉的爽滑度还有汤的浓厚度都是。好欢螺比较够味。吃完也不会腻。其他牌子在我这个重口味人眼里稍稍逊色一点。 SOLO那个小龙虾螺蛳粉我也买了几包但是还没尝就不拍也先不说了。