🌟During Double Eleven, the mother-in-law wants to join me to grab the seckill of the North American Money Saving Express. 🌟 Thanks to the blessing of the mother, we both got 11 gold masks that day! Couldn't be happier! 😆😆 🌟 The only thing we s0ded in on Double Eleven was the mask! 😂😂😂 It's also a part of it! 🌟This Hadabisei 3d hydrating mask was grabbed by the mother, and it finally came after a month of waiting! 🌟 It looks very moisturizing, except for the small nose design, it is a bit not suitable for my and my mother's Indian nose. Everything else looks good, I hope to have a satisfactory sense of use!
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🌟双十一的时候,母上大人要和我一起抢北美省钱快报的秒杀。 🌟托了母上大人的福气,那天我俩居然都抢到了11金币的面膜!简直不能再开心了!😆😆 🌟我俩双十一唯一秒杀成功的就是面膜了!😂😂😂也算是参与了一把! 🌟这款肌美精3d补水面膜,是母上大人抢到的,等了一个月终于来了! 🌟看上去很保湿的样子,除了小鼻设计,有点不太适合我和我妈的印度鼻。其它的都看起来不错,希望能有满意的使用感哦!