🧧The red envelope is here! Nice and happy! The round Yami balls are so cute, The little fat hands with cute and funny expressions make people feel happy when they see them😁 What I received was a "get rich overnight" red envelope! love it! Especially the blessings enclosed in the red envelope: 【Sleep until you wake up naturally, count money until your hands cramp】 This sentence is definitely tailor-made for me! Hahaha These two points have always been my goal, hahaha Getting your favorite red envelope in 2019 is also considered a good year! "Venus goes direct, Mercury goes retrograde"! Throw away all the bad things and bad people in 2018, Happy to welcome all the smooth and happy in 2019. Thank you Yami for the red envelope 🧧 Manual refill 💕💕💕
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🧧红包到手了!好看又喜气! 圆滚滚的亚米蛋蛋萌萌哒, 小胖手配上可爱逗趣的表情让人看了就心欢喜😁 我收到的是“一夜暴富”红包! 太喜欢了!尤其是红包内附的祝福语: 【天天睡到自然醒,数钱数到手抽筋】 这句话绝对是为我量身定制啊!哈哈哈 这两点一直都是我所追求的目标,哈哈哈 2019年拿到心仪的红包也算开年大吉啦! “金星顺行,水逆退散”! 丢掉2018一切不好的事情和不好的人, 开开心心迎接2019年一切的顺顺利利与幸福快乐. 谢谢亚米的红包🧧 手动笔芯💕💕💕