Today's Unboxing

I received my first Yami package this semester when the cold wind blowing snow in the village flew up and hit my face as if it would disfigure me.

To be honest, I didn't actually buy what I really wanted for Yami this time. I don’t know if it’s because I missed Yami’s events in China before. The Lao Yang salted egg yolk crisps, chocolate pie, yeast bread, etc. I want are all out of stock.

( ∀゚)ა I would like to praise the little brothers and sisters in Dongcang with their real names, the packing is getting better and better! ! It's neatly arranged! No damage whatsoever! ! compliment you!

Tell me what you bought:

Milk tea: In fact, I personally like milk tea a little more. I also like Lanfang Garden, but I feel that the milk tea has a stronger milky taste and does not have such a strong refreshing effect. You can drink even if you are thirsty.

An Muxi: Actually, I really am not crazy about An Muxi. I bought three of them just for breakfast.

Spicy and spicy like fried noodles: I haven't tried it before, I bought it for the first time, and it has a lot of good reviews. In fact, I would like to buy fried sauce noodles more, but they are out of stock, GG. When I eat it, I will take a photo for the evaluation, and put the flag here first.

Soft bread: I prefer the milky flavor to the orange flavor, so I closed my eyes and went into two bags as soon as it was in stock. In the morning, I can't have breakfast in time to grab two and I'm very full, and it's also great for a late night snack

Pork dry noodles: two words! tasty! The very simple noodles don't have any seasoning packets, and the amount is small, but it is very salty to my taste.

Langweixian: One portion of each of the three flavors. Those who haven’t eaten at the beginning of school can only buy it casually, and can’t buy too much because I’m actually not a person who likes to eat Langweixian. .

Xiang Piao Piao: This does not need to be explained, milk tea is my half-life!

The Yami red envelope I received this time looks cute but I may not be able to use it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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(∀゚)ა 实名夸一下东仓的小哥哥和小姐姐们,打包的越来越好了!!摆置的很整齐!没有任何损坏!!夸奖你!