❣Maintenance❣Fresh and breathable to relieve discomfort female physiological products 👱🏻‍♀️ | pH care

I have been using feminine bath products for the past few years, and I used to use Summers EvePrivate Body Wash Lavender, recently read on the Little Red Book and many people recommend thispH care I just ran out of cleaning fluidSummers Eve, so I plan to change the flavor. 🙈

Weak acid body wash for women's private parts is suitable for people with dry, itchy, uncomfortable and sensitive skin. Made in JapanpH care comes in four flavors, including rose, gardenia, papaya, and dandelion. 🍀

I originally planned to buy the rose scent, but unfortunately it was out of stock, so I chose the gardenia scent at will. 💐

The transparent bottle is beautiful, the bottle design is easy to handle, and the gardenia tastes very fresh. 🌿

Unfortunately, the design of the cleaning fluid outlet is a bit strange, and it will flow out at once when the lid is opened upside down. And the capacity is relatively small, only 150ml. 🌚

Finally, I remind everyone not to over-clean. If you still feel itchy or smelly after use, go to the obstetrics and gynecology department for a check-up. Because of the possibility of suffering from urethritis! 💥

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❣保养❣清新透气缓解不适女性生理用品👱🏻‍♀️ | pH care

我近几年内都在用女性私密处沐浴品,之前都是用Summers Eve私密沐浴露薰衣草,最近看小红书上好多人推荐这个pH care清洗液,刚好我的Summers Eve要用光了,便打算换个味道。🙈

女性私处专用的弱酸性沐浴乳适合阴部干燥,疼痒,不舒服感到困扰的人和肌肤敏感人群。日本制造的pH care有四个味道,包括玫瑰香味,栀子花味,木瓜味,蒲公英味。🍀





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