👍🏻A must-have Ai ginger shower gel in winter Ai Ginger Shampoo👍🏻

 We all know Moshang brand Ai Ginger bath Lu? This brand is very useful! I am also using 😘 This one is in a box, it is This stuff. It is especially suitable for cold winters, and after washing, the skin will not be dry! This image is a screenshot from last time

I am in Janesville, Wisconsin, USA, this guy isJenny's English name is the product I bought from her. She said: BB means that the baby can also use it!

The picture below is my chat with my husband yesterday 😆< /span>

The efficacy of Ai ginger shower gel is as follows

This photo is of Ai Ginger shampoo, I bought it and haven’t used it yet 😅 Because I haven’t used up my old shampoo, after washing my hair, I need to use Hair mask, especially for women with long hair, her suggestion is to use a hair mask. Next, let's take a look at the following conversation!

This picture is what a hair mask looks like, if you want to try it too, add her WeChat account , you can also buy a set of 1!

 Or add my WeChat account, you need to note What is the name of Yami's account? Otherwise I will not add it! JennyMummy is me, I'm always welcome👏 You join, thanks for watching!

 this1set of Moshang Ai Ginger Shower Gel, Shampoo and Hair Mask. Adults and children can use it, and pregnant women can also use it. Regardless of age, I think it is worth recommending to everyone🤔, after you read it, do you want to try it? ? 😆

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👍🏻冬天必备之艾姜沐浴露 艾姜洗发水👍🏻

 大家知道么尚牌子的艾姜沐浴露吗?这个牌子很好用的哦!我也在用😘 这张是盒装的样子,是这东东。特別适合寒冷的冬天必备,洗了之后,皮肤也不会干燥的哦!这张图片是上次的截图


下面这张图片是我昨天和我老公的聊天记录 😆


这张照片是艾姜洗发水,我买了还没用呢😅 因为我旧洗发水还没用完,头发洗完之后,要用发膜,特別是留长发的女人,她的建议是最好要用发膜。接下来,让我们一起来看看下面的对话吧!


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