👏🏻Perfume Body Wash 👏🏻

 Just took it in the bathroom, I bought it Fragrance body wash, only in this2colors

 At that time, when I bought it, only Green is out of stock. However, I recently saw that Yamibuy's online shop also buys love brand perfume shower gel. I saw someone posting this kind of shower gel before, and I want to tell you: if you can't find it in Chinese, if you search in English, you may be able to find it.

How about  
? Do you like it? Get ready! Different colors represent different flavors, but which flavor do you like?

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 那时,我买的时候,只有绿色是没货。不过 最近我看到亚米网上,也有买爱恋牌香水沐浴露。我之前看到晒单有人发这种的沐浴露,我想和你们说:中文搜不来,英文搜入进去,没准就能找到了。