Why is it called Yami Red Packet? Because it is on Yamibuy in the United States, it is a gift with the box! It's so pretty and cute, and I'm here to join in the fun! Slogan You are a good person, why are you not like me? I also rarely drink hot water! But I really like Yami Xiaoer's gestures and expressions, it's really cool 🤣 Except for the healthy ginseng chicken porridge, I have bought it several times, and the others are the first time
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为啥叫亚米红包呢?因为是在美国亚米网,随箱赠送的哦!实在是太好看又加可爱,然后 我也来凑热闹啦! 标语你是个好人,啥说的怎么不像我?我也是很少喝热水的哦!不过 我超喜欢亚米小二的手势和表情,实在是太酷了🤣 除了养生参鸡粥,我有买过几次了,其它都是第1次