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The new year is here, what do you wish for? I have been cleaning my house recently, and I have thrown away a lot of unnecessary things. I just used up the mouthwash. I saw that Japanese purchasing agents are recommending Japanese mouthwashes on the Internet. I started in JapanPropolinseSakura Propolis Mouthwash Seasonal Limited Edition, with a new look in the new year, besides cleaning the house, the mood will also improve after changing the toiletries! 🏡


Mouthwash poured out like a glass of foreign wine, it tasted like potion when poured into the mouth, and the whole person was sober ! Leave in the mouth and gargle for 30 seconds, then spit it out, then rinse with water. When I gargle and spit it out, there is a black precipitate that precipitates in the saliva, which looks scary. 😱


I feel pretty good after using it, with a mild and pleasant mouthwash! It's not like the mouthwash sold in ordinary supermarkets at all! 🤩


Of course, mouthwash is not a direct replacement for toothpaste and toothbrush, you still have to brush your teeth sooner or later. When I was in high school, I wore braces. Later, after removing the braces, I was trained by doctors to brush my teeth very often. I always felt that brushing my teeth morning and night after meals was not enough. Let's make oral health and develop a good habit of using mouthwash together! 🤓

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