Tom Ford HoneyMoon

Reason for the list:2018The most used plate

Key words: can be attacked and accepted, can be coquettish in daily life

Novice friendliness:🌟🌟🌟🌟

HoneyMoonAs an old internet celebrity, this is the most eyeshadow I used last year. I use it for engagement photos, I use it for daily appointments, and I will choose it if I can't think of which one to use.

It is chosen as the representative of red and brown, because wine red and brown are very suitable for Asians in terms of saturation and color, and they will not be conspicuous and swollen. With a slight change in the combination of the two, you can change from everyday to coquettish, from gentle to royal. As a four-color eye shadow, it is very rare to have such a span change.

Please forget I said it was not easy to drive, I was a rookie at the time. For novices, this disk is actually very easy to control, because there are many tutorials on Internet celebrity disks, which are coquettish and gentle, and you can find a lot of them with a search on the Internet. In terms of powder quality, the color rendering and smearing degree are also excellent, because the color can be well blended and excessive with the skin tone of Asians, and there is basically no exaggeration or incongruity of repainting. There is almost no flying powder, and the eye shadow brush of the cabbage price can also draw beautifully.

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