edema? Dark circles? nonexistent! 【Origins Caffeine Eye Cream】

Eye cream, one of the skin care cosmetic products. It has a moisturizing effect. In addition to reducing dark circles and eye bags, it also has the effect of improving wrinkles and fine lines. The eye cream is used to protect the thin layer of skin around the eyes. have a certain effect

The eye cream I recommend today is from Origins (yes, it is Origins again (forgive my love for its products 🥰))

The name is: Yuemu Zhiyuan Caffeine Rejuvenating Eye Cream

It is said that the main ingredient of this eye cream is coffee beans️! This eye cream can effectively help reduce dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes.

The unique coffee bean and ginseng extract, magnolia flower extract and natural skin brightening factor quickly wake up tired skin around the eyes and restore vitality to the eyes.

☀️Taste➕Texture 👉 After opening, the eye cream is a light brown color with fine shimmers inside, which is very beautiful. The texture is also relatively light and thin, the touch is moist and smooth; there is a slight ginseng flavor

☀️Main function 👉 Rejuvenate tired eye skin; reduce dark circles, bags and puffiness.

☀️How to use 👉 Use your fingertips to take four or five rice grains and apply it to the eye area (don't forget the eye lids!), and apply until the eye cream is fully absorbed

☀️Effect 👉 The effect of lightening dark circles is indeed there, but my dark circles are not serious, so the effect does not look so obvious; but! Focus! 👩‍🏫It works wonders for removing puffy eyes! After crying one night, I still insisted on applying eye cream before going to bed (don't ask why you cry 🌝), and the next day my eyes were not swollen at all! 👌

☀️Cycle 👉Apply every night! Oily skinned girls are advised to apply it in the morning, because I am afraid that you will grow fat granules

Focus: Eliminate puffy eyes! Lighten up dark circles! Savory! hahaha

I hope you like this sharing~

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眼霜,护肤类化妆产品之一。有滋润功效,除了可以减低黑眼圈、眼袋问题外,同时也具备改善皱纹、细纹的功效‍ 眼霜是用来保护眼睛周围比较薄的这一层皮肤的,对眼袋、黑眼圈、鱼尾纹等都有一定的作用





☀️味道➕质地👉 打开后眼霜后是淡淡的咖啡色,里面有细细的微闪,很好看。质地也比较轻薄,触感水润细滑;有股淡淡的人参味

☀️主要作用👉 让疲惫的眼部肌肤重获能量;减轻黑眼圈、眼袋与眼部浮肿。

☀️使用方法👉 用指尖蘸取四五颗米粒大小的量,用点点式涂抹眼部(别忘了眼盖哦!),涂抹至眼霜被全部吸收

☀️效果👉 淡化黑眼圈的效果确实有,但本人黑眼圈不严重所以效果看上去没那么明显;但是!划重点!👩‍🏫它对消除眼部浮肿有奇效!有一天晚上哭过之后还是硬撑着涂完眼霜再睡觉(为什么哭就不要问了呃🌝),第二天起来眼睛一点都没肿!👌

☀️周期👉 每晚都要涂抹哦!油性皮肤的妹子建议白天早上涂抹,因为怕你们长脂肪粒啦