Spring Rain Honey Mask (This is really not edible!)

Want to have smooth and clear skin,
It is the dream of almost every girl👧,
Masks are a must~!
Spring Rain Honey Mask
This honey mask is as sweet as honey, with natural moisturizing ingredients from nature, propolis extract and honey extract
Official propaganda has the following effects:
1. It can be used for daily maintenance such as skin moisturizing and moisturizing 💦; 
2. The skin is dry and dehydrated, and urgently needs hydration;
3. The stratum corneum of the skin is fragile and lacks nutrients and needs to be supplemented.

So what are the facts? I will unravel the mystery!

💧Taste ➕ Paper 👉Sweet taste makes people want to lick it 😋The mask paper is said to be made of natural bio-fiber, very thin and light
💧Main function 👉Moisturizing, moisturizing and shrinking pores, brighten skin a little bit
💧How to use 👉After washing your face and applying toner at night, tear open the package of a mask, align the holes of the eyes, nose and mouth, spread it evenly on the face, and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. When the time is up, take off the mask, pat the skin for about a minute and then wipe off the remaining essence with a tissue 🧻
💧Effect➕Feel 👉The essence is a little thick.
The mask paper is very thin, it is almost invisible when it is attached to the face, it will not scare others haha
The sweet smell accompanies the whole process of applying the mask~ After 20 minutes, I take off the mask and feel that my face is full of water! Runrun and a little white! The effect of moisturizing and brightening the skin tone is great, it is simply the savior of MM with dry skin.

Personally, I think the effect is best when used the next day, but I prefer to use it with other masks.

And the essence is super enough! A full 25ml of serum is not fake at all!

Hope you like this article~

^(* ̄(oo) ̄)^ Happy Chinese New Year to everyone

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💧味道 ➕ 纸质👉甜丝丝的味道,让人想舔一口😋面膜纸据说是用天然生物纤维制成,很薄很轻盈
💧效果➕感受👉 精华液有些浓稠。




^(* ̄(oo) ̄)^ 祝各位春节快乐呀