The first gift of the new year 🎁 is the Yami unboxing that I gave to myself Hahahaha😂😂 Filling your belly is more important than anything else And the "Get Rich Overnight" from Brother Yami must come true✌🏻 Strongly recommend Japanese drip brewed coffee ☕️ super delicious after brewing, there will be a layer of milk foam on top, smooth taste, repurchased N times, included in my unlimited repurchase list Slim Baked Potato Chips Wow, delicious😋 Recommended, crunchy, not greasy There are all kinds of small snacks, you can find anything you want to eat This time, the newly discovered Guangyou red oil noodle is also super delicious. I also added some shredded cucumber and coriander myself 👍👍👍 # 什么值得买 # # 开箱大吉 #
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新年第一份礼物🎁就是自己送给自己的亚米开箱 哈哈哈哈😂😂 填饱自己的肚子比啥都重要 还有亚米小哥送的“一夜暴富” 必须成真✌🏻 强烈推荐日本滴冲泡咖啡 ☕️超级好喝 冲泡之后上面会有一层奶泡 口感顺滑 回购了N次 列入我的无限♾回购单 Slim烘培薯片 哇塞啦 好吃😋 推荐 脆脆的 不油腻 一上口就停不下来 回购回购回购N次啦 还有就是各种小零食 想吃啥都能找到 这次新发现的光友红油面皮 也超级好吃 我自己还配了些黄瓜丝与香菜 👍👍👍 # 什么值得买 # # 开箱大吉 #