Babies with eczema also try it~ My children have always been troubled by atopic dermatitis. The biggest feature is itching. They often scratch unconsciously because of itching, which affects mood and sleep quality. I have to use lotion twice a day in the morning and evening, as well as with steroids and allergy medicine. I have tried many lotions and products from big and small brands, and I also gave him probiotics to change his constitution. In fact, the effect is sometimes good and sometimes bad, but I still try my best to try new products. Today I tried Aveeno's bath powder, but it is not recommended for atopic dermatitis to take a bath. I asked the doctor before using it today. I guess he may have nothing to do. , and said, "Then try it!" Half an hour before going to bed today, I used the ㄧ bag to try to soak my son for 10 minutes, he was very happy, because his skin problem has not been in the bath for a long time, after soaking, the skin is smooth and soft to the touch , but ㄧ smeared lotion, I tried not to give antibiotics to test👀, but when I went to bed, although I also shouted itching, but I didn't clamor to take allergy medicine to relieve itching, I fell asleep after a while! It seems to have some effect, but to be honest, it will take a long time to test it. And the product depends on the person, some people are effective, some people are not effective, if your child also has this skin problem, you are welcome to buy it and try it out~ # 冬日洗护小心机 # # 百万積分第五季 # # 我要上精选 # # 家有小宝 #
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溼疹寶寶也來試一試~ 我家小孩ㄧ直都有是有異位性皮膚炎的困擾,最大的特徵就是癢,常因癢而無意識搔抓,影響情緒和睡眠品質。 每天必需早、晚兩次的乳液,還要搭配類固醇、過敏藥,我試了好多大大小小品牌的乳液跟產品,也給他吃益生菌來改變體質,其實效果也是時好時壞,但我還是努力的再嘗試新產品,今天試的是Aveeno的泡澡粉,但異位性皮膚炎其實是不建議泡澡的,今天使用前還先問過醫生,我猜他可能也沒什麼辦法了,就說:「那就試ㄧ試看吧!」 今天睡前半小時,我用了ㄧ包給兒子試著泡了10分鐘,他很開心,因為他皮膚的問題好久好久都沒泡過澡了,泡完後皮膚光滑,摸起來水嫩水嫩的,但ㄧ樣抹上乳液,我試著沒給抗生素試看👀,結果上床睡覺時雖然也喊一下下癢,但卻沒有吵著要吃止癢的過敏藥,ㄧ會兒就睡著了! 看起來是有些效果,但老實說還是要長ㄤ期試才知道。而且產品要看人用,有人有效,有人用就沒效,如果你家小孩也有這皮膚問題,歡迎你們也買來試泡看看~ # 冬日洗护小心机 # # 百万積分第五季 # # 我要上精选 # # 家有小宝 #