Thanks to Yami's "我要当测评官第3期" campaign, I received my spree today! There are a pack of Taiwan "Oriental Water Girl" green tea mochi ➕ a pack of Japanese "Kitami Suzuki Fruit" mint biscuits ➕ a New Year's red envelope! The red envelope 🧧 got the "Koi Possession" this time, I hope that "all roads lead to Rome" and realize the dream as soon as possible! Okay, let's talk about the two items in it: A pack of Japanese "Kitami Suzuki Fruit" peppermint biscuits, the packaging box is very delicate. There are 7 biscuits in it, each individual small package, Yamibuy sells for $6.29. The biscuits tasted a little crisper, and the mint flavor was very fresh. However, mint-flavored biscuits are relatively rare, which reminds me of the toothpaste biscuits I ate in China on April Fool's Day, hahaha! The taste is actually quite ordinary, nothing special, but not bad. But the price is a little high, and you can eat a few packs! It is suggested that this flavor of biscuits can be bought on April Fool's Day to make fun of it, which is quite interesting! Taiwan "Oriental Water Girl" green tea mochi, a pack of $3.59, I have nineteen mochi in this pack. It is also individually packaged, which is hygienic and convenient. The glutinous rice part is very hard, harder than many bagged mochi. I like softer ones, but my friends who like hard mochi might like this one. The taste of green tea in it is actually very good, not the kind with special flavor, but it is still delicious! Finally, thank you Yami for giving me the opportunity to review! Happy New Year everyone! # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 开箱大吉 # # 货到晒单 # # 什么值得买 #
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感谢亚米的“我要当测评官第3期”的活动,今天收到了我的大礼包! 里面有台湾“东方水姑娘”绿茶麻薯一包➕日本“北见铃木制果”薄荷饼干一包➕新年红包一个! 红包🧧这次拿到了“锦鲤附体”,希望真的“条条大路通罗马”,早日实现梦想! 好了接下来说说里面的两个单品: 日本“北见铃木制果”薄荷饼干一包,包装盒子挺精致。里面7枚饼干,每个独立小包装,亚米售价$6.29。饼干吃起来算比较酥一点的口感,薄荷味很清新。但是,薄荷味饼干比较少见,有点让我想起以前在国内,愚人节吃到的牙膏饼干,哈哈哈!味道其实挺一般,没有特别出彩,但也不难吃。不过价格略高,一包没几个就吃完了!建议,这个口味的饼干可以愚人节买来整蛊一下,还是挺有意思的! 台湾“东方水姑娘”绿茶麻薯,一包$3.59,我这包里面有十九个麻薯。也是每个独立包装,卫生方便。糯米的部分口感很硬,比很多袋装麻薯都硬。我喜欢吃软一些的,不过,喜欢吃硬麻薯的小伙伴,可能会喜欢这个。里面绿茶的口味其实很不错,不是特别香精的那种,还是很好吃的! 最后,谢谢亚米给我的测评机会!祝大家新年快乐哦! # 快乐宅零食清单 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 开箱大吉 # # 货到晒单 # # 什么值得买 #