Taking advantage of 迦南美食, I stocked up a few bags of chicken soup to replenish my body, and drink hot chicken soup to warm up in cold weather 💕 Canaan's logistics is very powerful, and the next day after placing the order, it will arrive the day after. All items are carefully packed in boxes, and the bags are textured and easy to open. When the food arrives, it is packed in an ice pack, and when it is opened, it is filled with ice packs, and all the food is still frozen. When you get it, put it in the freezer if you don't use it immediately, and defrost the other one that needs to be used immediately. If refrigerated, it can be stored for a month or two without any problems. I can't wait to open a bag of black garlic black bone chicken soup and heat it up, open it and put it in the pot, cover it with a lid and heat it until it boils. It's ready to eat. A 20oz bag is about two bowls of rice. Sweet soup 💕 # 冬令进补 # # 迦南美食 # # 百万积分第五季 # # 黑蒜头乌骨鸡汤 #
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趁著迦南美食前陣子活動囤貨好幾袋雞湯來補補身子,冷天喝熱騰騰雞湯好暖身 💕 迦南物流蠻給力的,下完單隔天出貨後天就到了。所有商品都很小心謹慎的包裝在箱子中,袋子很有質感也很方便打開。食品來時用保冰袋裝著,打開來裡面裝滿著冰袋,所有食物也都還是冰凍狀態。拿到時沒有馬上使用的放置冰櫃,其他要馬上使用的退冰。冷藏的好可以保存一兩個月沒什麼問題。 迫不及待開了一袋黑蒜頭烏骨雞湯加熱,打開放置鍋中蓋上蓋子中火加熱到沸騰就可以食用了 😋 一袋20oz 約兩碗飯份,湯物內容們很豐盛,味道也不錯,屬於比較偏甜的湯頭💕 # 冬令进补 # # 迦南美食 # # 百万积分第五季 # # 黑蒜头乌骨鸡汤 #