Delicious peanut cake

🥜🌹Come to Amway for a delicious snack ——Huang Laowu's Rose Peanut Cake😋😋😋I think It's so delicious. I just went to Dahua and walked to the discount area to find a box of it. I didn't expect to taste it at home. >


🥜🌹Peanut cake, that is, the peanut candy we grew up with, who has more friends? How many pieces have you eaten? Because I like peanut candy very much, and I have eaten many, many kinds of candy, and I am more qualified to speak. Generally, the peanut candy I eat is relatively hard, and it is a little hard to bite and stick to my teeth, but it tastes good. I don't care about it~~ It turns out that it's just because I haven't eaten delicious peanut candy😭😭😭


🌹🌹This Huang Laowu's peanut cake can be called crispy, it's really crispy and fragrant , and look at picture 3, it really has roses🌹 petals, so it still tastes like roses in one bite. It's really delicious.🤣🤣🤣🤣


🥜🌹I have planted grass thoroughly, and I have piled up several boxes at home. Just uncontrollably eat the whole box one by one without stopping😂😂😂Huang Laowu's brand Everything is delicious, and there are many sesame crisps and black rice crisps. I am going to try them all, and then I will report back to my friends! 🤣🤣

 # 百万积分第五季 # # 快乐宅零食清单 #

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 # 百万积分第五季 # # 快乐宅零食清单 #