Really recommended product: Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Recently recommended by a friend, this ginger shampoo, the dosage is only a little, after washing, the hair is soft and fluffy, shiny, the hair is not easy to get oily, the scalp is not itchy, and the dandruff is not easy to fall. What a ginger taste. One wash can last for many days. After one wash, I feel it is too perfect. I don't want to use other shampoos at all. See you later~ The following information comes from the official website: Product desciption Contains natural ginger root essential oil, birch, white willow extract, vitamin B5 and natural honey, the fine foam can thoroughly cleanse the hair while activating the scalp circulation, promoting healthy and strong hair, moisturizing hair and preventing dandruff. . After washing, the hair is fresh and unburdened, soft and easy to comb, with a natural ginger fragrance. Subject: Normal hair. Especially suitable for dry, dandruff-prone hair. Instructions for use Take an appropriate amount, rub it with water and lather, gently massage the scalp with fingertips and rinse off with water. # 什么值得买 # # 百万積分第五季 # # 我要上精选 ## 冬日洗护小心机 #
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真心推薦商品:薑汁抗頭皮屑洗髮精 最近朋友推薦,這款薑汁洗髮精,用量只要一點點,洗完之後頭髮柔順篷鬆、有光擇、頭髮不容易出油、頭皮不癢也沒頭皮屑,不容易掉髮,更沒有什麼薑味。洗一次可以撐好多天,我洗一次後覺得太完美了,完全不想用其他洗髮乳了,相見恨晚啊~ 以下資訊來自官網: 商品介紹 蘊含天然薑根精華油、樺木、白柳樹萃取、維他命B5及天然蜂蜜,細緻的泡沫可徹底洗淨秀髮同時活絡調理頭皮循環、促進髮絲健康強韌,潤澤秀髮並預防頭皮屑的產生。洗後秀髮清爽無負擔、柔順好梳理,散發天然薑汁清香。 對象:一般髮質。尤適合乾燥、易有頭皮屑髮質。 使用說明 取適量沾水搓揉起泡後,以指腹輕柔按摩頭皮後清水洗淨。 # 什么值得买 # # 百万積分第五季 # # 我要上精选 ## 冬日洗护小心机 #