Imitation Trader Joe's Rice Pudding

(The finished rice pudding is put into the original box) It looks like the real thing? Hahahaha

  *************It is recommended to do a little less at one time, it will get tired of eating too much********************

Materials written on Uncle Quode's pudding box: milk, rice, sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla extract and other seasonings.

Ingredients I use: steamed rice, milk, sugar, eggs, (the raw materials are added with vanilla extract, but I don't have it), condensed milk (I added it myself, no raw materials, you can put it or not)


1. Beat a few eggs and prepare. I have 2 eggs in this pot, (it can probably hold a little more than 2 boxes after finishing it). (I am also looking for this ratio) The texture of rice pudding depends partly on the amount of eggs.

2. Break up the rice, pour it into a pot, add milk, medium heat, two tablespoons of sugar (or condensed milk), and a pinch of salt. Taste it. Keep stirring clockwise, In order to ensure the taste of milk, it is best to add enough milk at one time. I ran out of milk and added some later. Lesson learned, milk should not only cover rice, but more.

Cook for 15 minutes at a half-boil, stirring clockwise to prevent the bottom of the pot from burning.

3. Pour in the beaten eggs, and then pour in a little milk. If you have vanilla extract, put a few drops now. Stir for an additional 5 minutes until half-boiled.

Because the pudding will dry out when it cools down, it's okay to put more milk.

4. Turn off the fire and put it in the refrigerator when it cools down

Take out and box.

I feel a little dry because I have less milk.
The taste of mine is 90% similar, but the taste is not well controlled.

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仿制低配版Trader Joe's Rice Pudding

(做好的rice pudding放进原来的盒子)看起来完全可以 以假乱真?哈哈哈哈





1.打几个鸡蛋备好。我这一锅2个鸡蛋,(做完大概能装2盒多一点)。(我也在找这个比例)rice pudding的口感有一部分取决于鸡蛋的多少。