During the Chinese New Year, I ate hot pot with friends, and the rest of the ingredients were fried with Liu Po. Unexpectedly, it will be super successful just by doing it, thank Liu Po! Sure enough, whether it is hot pot base, chili noodles or fragrant pot base, they are all super delicious! It's not too spicy, but it tastes good and doesn't feel too oily. There are two bags of ingredients in one bag, which can be eaten twice, which is much cheaper than eating out and saves trouble.
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yami_featured_image 过年和朋友吃火锅,剩下的食材用六婆炒了麻辣香锅。想不到随手一做就超级成功,感谢六婆!果然不管是火锅底料,辣椒面还是香锅底料都超好吃!没有很辣,但是味道很香,也不会觉得太油。一包里有两袋料,能吃两次,比外面吃便宜多了,还省事。