It's time to reveal your age! When I was a child, it was a big custom to eat Wangwang during the Chinese New Year, haha! I remember that my mother would buy Want Want Gift Bags for me to eat every year. What Langweixian, Want Want Senbei, Want Want Snow Cake, Want Want Small Steamed Bun, etc. I contracted our snacks in the 1980s. Now in a blink of an eye. It's time for me to buy Want Want to eat for my son. Haha. I originally wanted to buy a Wangwang gift bag. There are no supermarkets here. I just picked a few. The children still like Wangzai steamed buns the most. The taste is still the taste of childhood 👍🏻# 百万积分第五季 #
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暴露年纪的时候到啦! 小时候.过年吃旺旺就是一个大习俗哈哈!记得妈妈每年都会买旺旺大礼包给我吃.什么浪味仙.旺旺仙贝.旺旺雪饼.旺仔小馒头等等.承包了我们80年代的零食。 现在一转眼过去.到了我给我儿子买旺旺吃的时代了.哈哈。本来想买旺旺大礼包.这边的超市没有.我就随手挑了几样.小朋友还是最喜欢旺仔小馒头. 味道还是记忆中儿时的味道👍🏻# 百万积分第五季 #