🌟 As the saying goes "one pregnancy is stupid for three years", I also said "one pregnancy is ugly for one year" 😂😂😂 🌟 Skin care products during pregnancy basically only use moisturizing. Although I know that beauty and skin care can be absorbed very limitedly (except for lipstick💄), but I still don’t want to make fun of baby’s health😬😬😬 🌟As soon as you are discharged from the hospital, various efficacy products will be launched! 🌟This Estee Lauder Platinum Cream is the most expensive product in its family. The effect of lifting, firming, repairing and improving skin problems is very good. 🌟After using it for the past few days, the skin problem has been significantly improved, and the skin looks better by a degree or two! 🌟Although moisturizing, it is not too oily, and oily skin will not produce a lot of oil, super recommended👍 # 冬日洗护小心机 # # 超级辣妈计划 # # 什么值得买 # # 2018剁手红榜 #
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🌟俗话说“一孕傻三年”,我还说“一孕丑一年”才对😂😂😂 🌟怀孕期间护肤产品基本就只用保湿的了。虽然知道美妆护肤能被吸收的很有限(除了口红💄),但是还是不想拿宝宝的健康开玩笑😬😬😬 🌟一出院,就开始各种功效产品齐上阵啦! 🌟这款雅诗兰黛白金面霜,算是它家最贵的产品了。提拉紧致修复改善肌肤问题的效果算是非常好的了。 🌟这几天用了之后,明显改善了皮肤问题,皮肤看上去好了一两个度啊! 🌟虽然滋润,但是不太油,油皮也不会出很多油,超推荐👍 # 冬日洗护小心机 # # 超级辣妈计划 # # 什么值得买 # # 2018剁手红榜 #