【Who is not a little fairy who loves cleanliness🧚‍♀️'s handwashing chapter] After I came to the US Emperor, I found out that people here like to use a kind of hand sanitizer to keep 👋 clean all the time 🌟 When squeezed out, it has a gel texture, smooth, thick, transparent color, with a slight alcohol smell, the taste is very fresh and refreshing 🌟 Rub your hands all over like a hand cream, it will become like running water (⚠️ will really become like water, be careful it will drip) 🌟 Keep rubbing until all the gel or water disappears, then the hands will become very dry and have a slight alcohol smell The main ingredient of this hand sanitizer is actually alcohol, because alcohol is volatile and has a disinfecting function With this hand sanitizer, we all love the clean boy 😃 # 摸着良心来种草 # # 什么值得买 ## 冬日洗护小心机 #
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【谁还不是个爱干净的小仙女🧚‍♀️之洗手篇】 来到了美帝后才发现这边的人很喜欢用一种免洗洗手液来时刻保持👋清洁 🌟挤出来时是啫喱质地的,滑滑的,稠稠的,透明色,有股淡淡的酒精味,味道很清新提神 🌟像抹护手霜一样把双手都搓个遍,它会变得像流水状(⚠️真的会变得像水一样可以流动的,小心会滴下来哦) 🌟一直搓到所有的啫喱或水都消失,这时手会变得很干爽,而且伴有淡淡酒精味 这种免洗洗手液的主要成分其实是酒精,因为酒精易挥发而且具有消毒功能 有了这款免洗洗手液,我们都是爱干净的好孩子😃# 摸着良心来种草 # # 什么值得买 ## 冬日洗护小心机 #