Japan COSME Awards No. 1 in the cotton pad category! Japan's sales NO.1 for 10 consecutive years! Water saver! ! Wet compress, wipe down two suitable water saver! The cotton pad is relatively hard when it dries, a bit similar to the material of a sponge~ It becomes very skin-friendly after absorbing water~ For example, Dr. Shirono's astringent water, a small bottle, it is almost half a bottle less for a wet application, but using this cotton pad , it can really save you nearly half of the water ~ it is not easy to dry ~ the only bad thing is that if you pour too much, it will flow down and there will be wood! But overall it's a five-star recommendation! Because of its unique curve design and delicate texture, it can directly fit the eye area without cutting, and it will not cause abrasion to the eye area. Feature 1: No lotion will remain in the cotton pad, and 1/2 of the lotion that is usually used in the cotton pad can also be very moisturizing. Feature 2: It will not fall off cotton wool after patting it lightly, and it is very soft. Feature 3: It can be used as a mask sticker, and it is a perfect match with Dr. Chengye Pore Shrinking Water. Not tight. Absolutely unlimited repurchase # 摸着良心来种草 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 2018剁手红榜 # # 百万积分第五季 ## 开箱大吉 #
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日本COSME大赏化妆棉类第一!日本连续10年销售量NO.1! 省水利器!!湿敷,擦拭两相宜的省水利器!化妆棉干的时候比较硬,有点类似于海绵材质~吸水后变得非常亲肤~比如城野医生的收敛水,辣么小小一瓶,湿敷一次简直要少半瓶,但是利用这个化妆棉,真的能为你节省将近一半得水~还不容易干~唯一不好的是,你倒多了他会流下来有木有!不过整体还是五星推荐的! 因为它独特的曲线设计和细腻的质地,直接贴合眼部,不用剪裁,也不会对眼部肌肤产生磨损,有效补充眼部水分,缓解眼部肌肤,达到收缩毛孔,精纯保湿的作用 特点一:不会残留化妆水在化妆棉内,通常使用的化妆棉的1/2的化妆水也可以很水润。 特点二:轻轻拍后也不会掉棉絮,很柔软。 特点三:可以用来做面膜贴,搭配城野医生毛孔收缩水简直是绝配。不紧绷。 绝对会无限回购的# 摸着良心来种草 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 2018剁手红榜 # # 百万积分第五季 ## 开箱大吉 #