Private parts care that girls can't miss/Better natural private parts care

In today's era, almost all girls understand the importance of skin care and maintenance, which is the rhythm of living more beautiful and younger; being a delicate pig girl is more concerned with body care, hair care, and every inch of skin. It cannot be ignored; again, we must pursue "both internal and external cultivation", all kinds of health care products, and collagen can not be missed!  

Wow, it's so tiring to be a beautiful woman~

But it's not over yet! We are one step away from becoming immortal: the care of the private parts is the top priority, sisters! Only we women know that our "little sister" is really precious, very hypocritical, if a word disagrees, if something goes wrong, it will be embarrassing! She can directly affect your body hormone levels, hormones, mood, bad mood, bad complexion, acne, wrinkles...%&*%/』£💢

Therefore, private care is really urgent, don't wait for the problem to come before calling for help!

Introduce this brand first (unofficial introduction, the summary of my online research, please bear with me if it is not enough)

Jilgyunyi is better in quality: South Korea's 🇰🇷 No. 1 feminine care brand, has a very good popularity and reputation in Korea, and has been published in the women's cleaning section of the Korea Daily for 2 consecutive years, with tens of thousands of positive reviews after use, all products use natural Ingredients, Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Angelica, Sophora flavescens, Aloe vera, etc., and the products are registered with the US FDA, mainly focus on private parts care and cleaning, prevent private parts diseases, and also have the effect of treating various private parts problems, no antibiotics, no side effects , Anyway, it is very reliable. I myself, including my good friends, are useful, and they are all effective! Most of the products below are used by myself, some of them are taken by my girlfriends, haha, don't mind

First of all, let's get to know their star product, which I think is the best thing in their family - private parts care tablets!
According to the survey, 99% of women have gynecological troubles to a greater or lesser extent.
If you are in the 1%, well, I really envy you, but I in the 99% team tell you earnestly, you must pay attention to maintenance and prevention, and don’t be lazy in nursing.
Continue to talk about nursing tablets, as you can see in Figure 1, it is granular, but not! Yes! Eat it! It was st0 into the private parts. Many people were scared when they heard it was st0. How could they stuff something into me? ! Um... why can't you? ! (rolls his eyes first, haha) Actually, it's not as scary as I thought, it's really common, it can also be used by virgins, don't be narrow-minded and shallow-minded, there are holes in the hymen that are about the size of a finger, ok? ! It doesn't hurt, really! After putting it in, the tablet will melt in about half an hour. It is recommended to put a sanitary napkin on it and use it before going to bed, so there is no feeling of melting or something. Just wash the outside with water the next day, and then you will feel refreshed and comfortable all day. ! feel good god
What is the specific difference between this nursing tablet and many other nursing tablets and nursing gels on the market and how does it work? !
I checked, and this is what happened. Better quality pills are mainly a nutrient, which provides nutrition to the lactic acid bacteria (beneficial bacteria) in the vagina, makes the beneficial bacteria in the vagina more and stronger, and balances the bacteria in the vagina. group! The difference between it and many nursing gels and nursing tablets on the market is: instead of giving you probiotics to balance, it provides nutritional energy to the lactic acid bacteria in your body to make them stronger, which leads to the difference in results. The former only relies on the method of importing lactic acid bacteria from the outside, and when the lactic acid bacteria die, it will rebound again.
Well, let's talk about my personal experience! I checked a long time ago and said that I had mild vaginal inflammation. I saw a doctor and prescribed medicine, and it was better after that. I don’t know, because I felt really uncomfortable seeing the doctor, so I didn’t return to the doctor, and then I always have excessive leucorrhea. The problem is that the trousers are always dirty and uncomfortable, and the color of the leucorrhea is not very clear. I used this care tablet at the beginning, which was also introduced by my girlfriend. At first, I followed the instructions in the manual to recommend two capsules at a time for two consecutive days to do deep cleaning. , from now on, I can take one tablet a week for nursing. The night I used it for the first time, I felt pain in the lower abdomen. It was either unbearable or it was always painful, but I knew that it was a normal reaction. It is possible for the first time to use it. That way, I didn’t feel relieved, but I didn’t sleep well that night, and then I stopped using it at all. After using it two or three times, I really felt the change, and my private parts were very refreshing~ All my problems are gone! so amazing! No wonder my girlfriend praised it, because this pill brought back her, a person who could die from dysmenorrhea. Yes, she said that after using this, she no longer had dysmenorrhea!
In addition to the effects of treating vaginal inflammation and relieving dysmenorrhea that I mentioned, there are many comments that this care tablet can solve all kinds of problems such as itching, dryness, relaxation, melanin deposition, and crackling! Anyway, if you have any troubles in your private parts, there must be nothing wrong with choosing one.

Nursing lotion, nursing wipes and deodorizing moisturizing spray, I believe everyone is familiar with it! There are many brands and various choices on the market, and they are accepted by many people
Then I choose Quality Better, of course, because their brand is very trustworthy, and the ingredients are very mild and non-irritating. It is very safe to use. Their taste is very light. There are some lotions on the market. The fragrance is not so good for the private parts. The lotion and wet wipes are weakly acidic formulas. Don't worry about destroying your own pH. Especially when you come to the little aunt, it is easy to infect bacteria and produce peculiar smell. Cleaning is still necessary. of

The more beneficial private parts whitening cream is also very famous, "one white cover three ugly" is also applicable to the private parts!
Although the bikini area does not need to be exposed to the sun and rain, it is particularly prone to melanin precipitation. Sedentary, aging, friction with small pants or friction during love will all lead to melanin precipitation.
This private whitening cream contains special effects patented products, whitening is still maintained, so sensitive areas can not be blindly r0 whitening cream, the ingredients still need to be valued! I have seen many girls on the Internet use this whitening cream as a body lotion, saying that the skin has become firmer and whiter, and some people have even used it as a lip balm.

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继续说护理片,图1可以见到,它是药粒状的,但不!是!吃下去的!是塞入到私处的,很多人一听到塞入就害怕了,怎么能往我那儿里面塞东西呢?!额…怎么不能?!(先翻个小白眼哈哈)其实真的没有想的那么恐怖,真的是很平常的,处女也可以用,不要思想狭隘,见识浅薄,处女膜那儿也是有大概手指粗细的洞洞的,ok? 嗯!不会痛,真的!放进去之后大概半小时左右药片就会融化,建议垫上卫生巾,睡前使用,所以融化什么的,根本没有感觉,第二天用清水清洗外部就好了,然后你会一整天清爽自在的!感觉好上天