English name: Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash Chinese name: The source of Yuemu kills two birds with one stone, foaming facial cleanser This facial cleanser is a word-of-mouth product from Origins. Every time his family holds an event, there are many friends who ask for the order haha 😄 This facial cleanser contains macroalgae extract to help absorb excess oil and balance the T-zone 👩🏻 areas with strong sebum secretion; hydrolyzed wheat protein balances and protects drier areas and relieves discomfort on the cheeks. This cleanser is known as a smart cleanser. In fact, you can see the general meaning from the English name. The Chinese translation is more in place. It kills two birds with one stone. Just squeeze a little and throw it in the palm of your hand (the amount is about half a finger size 👋 The picture I gave is just a demonstration, the amount in the picture is too small and it can't be washed cleanly), moisten it a little, and rub it on your face , it will soon become extremely delicate bubbles 💕 ⚠️ This foaming cleanser that kills two birds with one stone is suitable for oily and mixed skin. For dry and sensitive skin, the cleansing power is too strong # 什么值得买 # # 冬日洗护小心机 #
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英文名:Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash 中文名:悦木之源一举两得泡沫洗面奶 这款洗面奶是Origins悦木之源家的口碑产品。每次他家搞活动,都有好多小伙伴要求拼单哈哈😄 这款洗面奶含有阔叶巨藻萃取,帮助吸除多余油脂,平衡T字部位👩🏻皮脂分泌较旺盛的区域;水解小麦蛋白,平衡并保护较干燥的区域,舒缓脸颊肌肤不适感。 这款洁面号称智慧型洁面,其实从英文名就可以看出来大致的意思,中文翻译的更为到位,一举两得,两得当然是洗得干净,并且保湿! 只用挤一丢丢在手心(大概半个手指头大小的量吧👋我给的那个图只是示范啦,如图的量太少了洗不干净的啦😂),稍微湿润一下,搓上脸,很快就变成极其细腻的泡泡哦💕 ⚠️ 这款一举两得泡沫洗面奶适合油皮和混油皮的洗面奶,对于干皮、敏感皮而言,清洁力太强了 # 什么值得买 # # 冬日洗护小心机 #