Before Christmas. The son brought back a small package from school. Take it apart and have a look. There is a handmade Christmas 🎄. There is also a small card. Christmas 🎄 should be done with the help of teachers. And his little finger prints. Open the card and take a look. There is a ❤ and the baby's name written crookedly in it. At a glance, you can see that it is his work and handwriting. Hahaha! Although simple. But I am still very happy.! This is a small gift for my child in the first year I feel that the child is starting to grow up. Being a mother is really both happy and reluctant. The first time I received a gift from my son 🎁. Really warm in my heart! # 百万积分第五季 #
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之前圣诞节。儿子从学校里带回一个小小包裹. 拆开一看.里面有个手工制作的圣诞🎄.还有一张小卡片. 圣诞🎄应该是在老师的帮助下完成的。还有他的小手指印。打开卡片一看.里头画着有一颗❤和宝贝歪歪扭扭写的名字.一看就知道是他的作品和字迹。哈哈哈!虽然简简单单的.可是我还是很开心.! 这是我第一年收到孩子的小礼物 感觉孩子开始长大了.当妈的真是既开心又不舍. 第一次收到儿子的礼物🎁.真的心里无比的温暖!# 百万积分第五季 #