My husband took us to Lake Tahoe to play! Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, and it is covered with snow all year round, and even the top of the mountain in summer! The water is very clean and clear and very icy! I can't stand the cold, I don't know how the old beauty can still swim! It was my first time to take my son to the beach and he had a great time! Picture 2 is the toy I bought at Google express on Tuesday night, and it will arrive on Thursday! It's a real courier! You must know that Laomei's express delivery speed is the same as that of a turtle! So it's good to have it delivered in two days? # 2018剁手红榜 # # 超级辣妈计划 #
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老公带着我们去太浩湖玩啦!太浩湖是北美最大的高山湖泊,常年积雪,就连夏天山顶也有积雪!水非常干净清澈,非常冰爽!冷的我都受不了,不知道老美怎么还能游泳的! 第一次带儿子去沙滩玩,他玩的很开心!图二,是周二晚在Google express买的玩具,周四就到了!是名副其实的快递啊!要知道老美的快递速度跟龟爬一样的!所以两天就送到还是不错的? # 2018剁手红榜 # # 超级辣妈计划 #