Sequins representative: Pat McGrath Opulence Metalmorphosis Reason for listing: touching texture. Practical micro flash drive Keywords: all-match, single use, can be used in combination Novice friendliness: 🌟🌟 When I bought it before, I thought that the usage rate of this plate was not high, but I found that in fact, individual colors can be used as a single eye shadow for a large area. It is used as a representative because in terms of polarized light and micro-shine, no one can do as good as Pat McGrath's house, waxy and soft, high color rendering, delicate glitter, even Natasha Denona will be slightly worse. This plate may be a little difficult as a novice plate, but fortunately, in terms of color matching, it can basically be used to light up the middle of the eye or the corner of the eye. # 眼影盘推荐 # # 有点小贵但好用 # # 什么值得买 # # 新年红运妆 #
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闪片系代表:Pat McGrath Opulence Metalmorphosis 上榜理由:质地感人. 实用微闪盘 关键词:百搭、单颗使用、搭配使用均可 新手友好度:🌟🌟 之前买的时候觉得这盘其实使用率不高,但发现其实个别的颜色是可以当作单颗的眼影来大面积使用。把它作为代表是因为论偏光和微闪,没人能做到Pat McGrath家这么好,糯软,显色度高,闪片细腻,连Natasha Denona也会稍微差一点。 这盘作为新手盘可能会有一些难度,但好在配色而言基本可以做眼部中间的点亮,或者眼角的加亮。 # 眼影盘推荐 # # 有点小贵但好用 # # 什么值得买 # # 新年红运妆 #