European and American makeup comparison: The color scheme of this plate is very similar to the old Internet celebrity Disco Dust, so I took it for evaluation. Color: In the color matching of European and American disks, there will always be a sequin color suitable for touching the middle of the eyes. Although Suqqu is also available in Japanese, the color matching is more diverse. For example, the color on the upper right can also be touched in the front half. In terms of saturation, don't look at Suqqu's orange is very bright, but compared to Tom Ford, Suqqu's saturation is low. Silty: Tom Ford will be more waxy and soft, but the eye color is very good. Outer packaging: Whether it's suqqu or Tom Ford, the case is beautiful, but it's a fingerprint collector. However, I regret that suqqu does not have a flannel jacket. Requirements for brushes: I think suqqu is more test of brushes when it comes to smearing and coloring. # 眼影盘推荐 # # 新年红运妆 # # 有点小贵但好用 # # 小雨帽的试色日记 #
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欧美彩妆对比: 这盘的颜色配色与老网红Disco Dust很像,于是就拿来测评啦。 配色: 欧美盘的配色,总会有一个适合摸在眼中间亮片色。Suqqu这盘日系虽然也有,但配色更多样化一些,例如右上这个颜色也可以摸在眼前半部分。 饱和度来讲,别看Suqqu的橘色非常亮,但对比Tom Ford,Suqqu的饱和度都是偏低的。 粉质: Tom Ford会更糯软一些,但眼部上色上效果都很棒。 外包装: 不管是suqqu还是Tom Ford,外壳虽然很美,但都是指纹收集器。然而suqqu没有绒布外套我很比较遗憾。 对刷具的要求: 我觉得在晕染和上色上,suqqu更考验刷具,赠品的刷具完全无法很好晕染suqqu。 # 眼影盘推荐 # # 新年红运妆 # # 有点小贵但好用 # # 小雨帽的试色日记 #