❣Life❣ Happy Valentine's Day! 💘 ❥In the past, when talking about a long-distance relationship, I could only prepare a gift that the other party likes in advance, and then attach a card to let the courier express my feelings for me. 💌 ❥ The word romance has different definitions for many people, and the rose symbolizes love and romance. However, today is Valentine's Day after the first year of marriage. Although it is Valentine's Day every day when the two of you are together, but when it comes to the rare day that is exclusively for lovers, my husband also bought roses and chocolates for me. 📦 ❥My husband got the Show me your Love corn porridge rice (corn soup with pork rice) in the afternoon, and took me to the Outback steak house in the evening. The decoration of the Australian attractions in the store reminded me of the good times in Australia, and I really enjoyed it. . 🍹 ❥ Finally, I wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day! 🥰 # 温暖小家养成记 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 什么值得买 # # 开年这样穿 # # 新年红运妆 #
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❣生活❣ 情人节快乐!💘 ❥以前在谈远距离恋爱时,只可以提早准备一份对方喜欢的礼物,再附上一张卡片让快递来替我传达心意。💌 ❥浪漫这两个字对许多人来说都有不同的定义,而玫瑰花象征着爱情、浪漫。然而,今天是第一年结婚后的情人节,虽说两个人在一起天天都是情人节,但到了难得专属于情人的日子,老公也买了玫瑰花和巧克力送我。📦 ❥老公下午弄了Show me your Love 粟米肉粒饭(玉米浓汤配猪肉饭),晚上带我去吃Outback steak house,店内的澳大利亚景点装饰,让我回想起在澳大利亚美好时光,真的很享受。🍹 ❥最后祝大家情人节快乐哟!🥰# 温暖小家养成记 # # 我要当测评官第3期 # # 什么值得买 # # 开年这样穿 # # 新年红运妆 #