【Aroma Electric Kettle】CHANEL in the Kettle

First of all, I would like to thank Yami for the activities, allowing me to experience the height of this kettle. There is also a super cute Yami red envelope when opening the box!

This public test report, I will introduce it to you in the following order:

1. Product detail map display;

2. Product function trial;

3. Product cleaning process.

Product Details

In order to perfectly interpret the beauty of this kettle, Xiaocuner has been waiting for the sunny afternoon, and borrowed the best natural light to take a number of detailed pictures. Let's enjoy its 360-degree beauty with no dead ends!

The box contains three items: instruction manual, white water bottle, and base.

The lid surface of the kettle is mirrored to give the whole look a more textured look.

It looks like high-grade leather, but it is made of PVC. The rhombus design makes this electric kettle a CHANEL in its field.

The interior of this electric kettle is made of 316 stainless steel, which is the grade of medical scalpel steel, and will not leave any rust/water marks after use. It can heat up to 1.2L of water at a time, which can meet the daily needs of a family of three. The double-layer pot body design is more thermally insulated, the inner stainless steel is easy to clean, and the outer leather pattern ensures anti-scalding.

The button to open the lid is imitation diamond silver, and the lid can be opened automatically with a single push.

The design of the lid ensures the sealing of the kettle, which not only speeds up the heating speed, but also keeps the water warmer.

Press the silver switch at the bottom to start working, there is LED light display.

The brand name is inlaid on the front, in gold and black.

The diamond pattern is really beautiful to look at, and it is a decoration in any corner of the home.

The gold color of the base echoes the brand color, and it is equipped with a card slot to easily fix the socket cable, and praise the small details.

Product Feature Trial

The cast iron pot has a boiling step, and the electric kettle also has a boiling step!

The kettle needs to be cleaned before use. You can rinse the inside of the kettle with clean water, and then wipe the inside and outside of the kettle with a clean sponge or cloth. When the inside and outside of the kettle are dry, you can put the water at the Max line and turn on the switch of the kettle. When the water boils, the switch automatically jumps. Start, pour out the boiling water in the kettle, and then rinse the inside of the kettle with clean water. In this way, the kettle can be officially put into use!

First of all, Komura tried to use the minimum amount of water (Min, 0.5L) to boil it, which is about the time it takes.
Put the kettle on the bottom plate, the bottom plate is connected to the power supply, press the button on the kettle, and the LED light will start to work.

After about 2 minutes, the button jumps up automatically, the LED light goes out, the water temperature reaches boiling, and the water boiling function is very fast. Even heating 1.2L (MAX volume) of water can be completed within five minutes, which is very suitable for you who want to drink warm water immediately after getting up in the morning.

Water vapor will emerge from the mouth of the pot, and small water droplets will condense on the mouth of the pot. At this time, the benefits of stainless steel can be reflected, and there is no need to worry about the water stains remaining after the water droplets dry.

Next, let's try the production of fruit tea. This time, Komura used Desert Tea (a citrus-flavored fruit tea) bought in Grand Canyon, which is powdery in texture.

Use 0.5L of water, add fruit tea powder, press the kettle switch, and start cooking directly.

After the LED is turned off, the hot fruit tea can be poured directly into the cup. The spout is designed very reasonably, and the liquid will not drip on the spout when pouring.

To make fruit tea directly, the function of scented tea is also very successful. Next, let's see if the kettle is easy to clean and whether it is still as new after cleaning.

Cleaning process

In the process of making herbal tea, there must be some friends who have the same concerns as Xiaocuner, fearing that excess powder will remain inside, and stubborn stains will be difficult to clean. So after making the fruit tea, Komura tested whether the kettle was easy to clean.

After use, there are about a few places inside and outside the kettle that need to be cleaned, as shown in the picture above.

A sponge is used inside, and a relatively small brush is used at the spout. After roughly rinsing the inside of the kettle with water, the powder at the bottom is no longer visible. I wiped the mirror surface with a sponge, and brushed a few times with a small brush at the spout. Then clean it with water, and finally wipe the inside and outside of the kettle with absorbent paper. The whole process is about 5 minutes, let us see the effect.

After the interior was cleaned, it was as clean as new.

After wiping the mirror surface with absorbent paper, you can look in the mirror again!

The bottom can also look in the mirror!

The hollow design at the small hole is just the right size, which can not only block the tea leaves, but also facilitate cleaning. The design is very considerate.

To summarize the advantages of the Aroma electric kettle:

1. The appearance is high, which can show the taste of the owner;
2. The interior adopts 316 stainless steel grade of medical scalpel steel, which will not leave any rust and ensure the safety of drinking water;
3. The heating speed is fast, suitable for those who pursue high efficiency;
4. 1.2L volume, which can meet the daily needs of a family of 3;
5. The design of the spout is great, ensuring that the liquid does not drip, and the tea leaves can be filtered at the same time;
6. Easy to clean, the internal material can be as clean as new;
7. The weight is very light, which is convenient for housewives to use;
8. The heat insulation design of the external diamond pattern ensures safe operation.


1. The price is high;
2. The power cord of the backplane is relatively short;

All in all, it is an electric kettle with both internal and external repairs, with both appearance and strength.

Thanks for seeing the little friends here, send you to be careful!

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【Aroma 电热水壶】水壶中的CHANEL



1. 产品细节图展示;

2. 产品功能试用;

3. 产品清洁过程。






这款电热水壶内部采用316不锈钢,是医用手术刀钢材级别,使用后将不会留下任何水锈/water marks。最多可以一次加热1.2L的水,可以满足三口之家的日常需求。双层壶身设计,更加保温,内部的不锈钢方便清洁,外部的皮革纹确保防烫。













接着我们再来试一下水果茶的制作,小村儿这次用了在Grand Canyon买的 Desert Tea(一款柑橘口味的水果茶),其质地是粉末状。













1. 颜值高,可以彰显主人的品味;
2. 内部采用医用手术刀钢材级别的316不锈钢,不会留下任何水锈,且保证了饮用水的安全;
3. 加热速度快,适合追求高效率人士;
4. 1.2L容积,能满足3口之家的日常需求;
5. 壶口设计很棒,保证液体不滴落,同时可以过滤茶叶;
6. 方便清洁,内部材质即可光洁如新;
7. 自重很轻,方便主妇使用;
8. 外部菱格纹的隔热设计,保证操作安全。


1. 价格较高昂;
2. 底板的电源线比较短;